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Welcome to the 2014 Koala Count

This is our second year running the Australia wide Koala Count. Results from this year Koala Count will add to the data from last year, helping us to keep an eye on our koalas from year to year. All data collected during the Count is share with everyone working in koala conservation.

During the Count survey period we ask you to record where you see koalas using our smart phone app BioTag or using the map on this portal. To register your interest in taking part in our 2014 Koala Count, please

If you have already participated in Bathing Birds or our 2013 Koala Count, there is no need to re-register - simply send me an email to be added to the Koala Count group. If you have any questions about the Koala Count please email Dr Gráinne Cleary at grainnec@npansw.org.au

To find out more about the Koala Count, see our Q&As

Bathing Birds 2014 Winter Report

Thank you to all our citizen scientists who participated in the 2014 winter Bathing Birds survey. We had an overwheliming response with over 1,100 citizen scientists taking part. To read about the results from this survey you can downland the Bathing Birds 2014 Winter report here:


Our summer Bathing Birds survey starts the 23rd of January and runs until the 23rd of February 2015. Registrations open again after the Koala Count.