Koala Quest 2015

Koala Quest 2015 is a Citizen Science project aiming to collect information on koalas from the general public. This data will be used to understand more about the presence of koalas in the Greater Brisbane region and to help us address the causes for their population change. This study is being conducted by an Honours student at Griffith University.

How can we help them?
We are asking anyone with an interest in koalas to assist in the collection of data by reporting any koala sightings via our Facebook page (Facebook.com/koalaquest2015), email address (koalaquest2015@gmail.com), smartphone app (BioTag), or contact number (0421 666 894). In particular, we will be conducting Koala Quest 2015 during the second week of the school holidays (6-12 July) throughout Greater Brisbane. If you live in Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Brisbane, Redland or Logan council areas you can help by actively searching for koalas wherever you can find them, from National Parks and council parks and urban backyards. Details on how you can help are available on our Facebook page.

Bathing Birds 2015 Report is here to download!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Bathing Birds study! We have combined the results from our 2014 winter survey with our 2015 summer survey and produced this amazing report! We hope you enjoy reading it and are inspired to keep working with us as citizen scientists. If you are new to this site and would like to become a citizen scientist with us, please register below, we would love to have you on board!

If you have any questions about our citizen science programmes, please email Dr Gráinne Cleary at grainnec@npansw.org.au

Don't forget to check out the amazing photos at our facebook page:

View our Questions & Answers page to find out more about why our Bathing Birds study is so important!


2014 Koala Count Report

Download the 2014 Koala Count report here:
2014 Koala Count Report