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The 2014 Koala Count is now closed!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for contributing to koala conservation by participating in this year's Koala Count! The survey is now closed and we are in the process of putting together all the valuable information you recorded. All data collected during the Koala Count is shared with everyone working in koala conservation.

Bathing Birds 2015 Summer Survey

We are now getting ready for our 2015 summer Bathing Birds survey which will start on the 23rd of January and runs until 23rd of February. If you have already participated in our 2014 winter Bathing Birds survey or the Koala Count, there is no need to re-register just send an email to Dr Gráinne Cleary at grainnec@npansw.org.au

If you are new to our Citizen Science programmes and would like to take part, please

Bathing Birds 2014 Winter Report

Thank you to all our citizen scientists who participated in the 2014 winter Bathing Birds survey. We had an overwhelming response with over 1,100 citizen scientists taking part. To read about the results from this survey you can download the Bathing Birds 2014 Winter report here:


Our summer Bathing Birds survey starts the 23rd of January and runs until the 23rd of February 2015.